The various service ministries provide evangelical focus for mission programs, provide assistance and support to those in need, and provide parking and other services to ensure the inside and outside of the facility are safe and welcoming to NBM members and guests.

Helping Hands: To provide assistance and support, giving cheerfully and generously to those in need; supporting repasts and providing a food tray to grieving families, supporting families of newborn babies with food and other items, supporting fellowship and special events, and addressing requests for ‘WE CARE’ boxes.

Custodial: Ensure the inside of the NBM facility is clean and maintained in order to provide a safe, healthy and pleasing environment for all who enter.

Correctional Team: To visit regional prisons and hold services/discussions with inmates thereby boosting their morale, creating relationships/networks, and encouraging new or closer contact with Christian values and Jesus Christ.

Outreach and Missions: Build relationships and partnerships with local and global communities, and support those who are addressing the physical and spiritual needs of others in their specific environments. Expand the influence of NBM Christian values in local priority areas and be Christ’s ambassadors by serving, and sharing the gospel.

Exterior Operations: To ensure the exterior/grounds of NBM are suitable for safe and efficient parking/walking, are well maintained, and are pleasing to view.  Includes all snow removal.

Prayer line: To meet the needs of others through online notice of prayer requests to the NBM church community. Prayer with the prayer team is also available every Thursday at our Cherrybrook campus at 10am.

Prayer Garden & Prayer Room: To meet the needs of others through prayers of the NBM church community.